3 Culprits Of A Whistling Water Heater

3 December 2015
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Of all of the appliances in your house, it is the water heater that does some of the hardest work, but it doesn't get the recognition that it deserves; that is, until there is a problem with it. You take hot showers and wash your dishes in hot water day in and day out, without so much as giving your hot water heater a second thought. It chugs along, doing its jobs silently, until one day, you start hearing a strange whistling sound coming from it. Read More 

3 Things To Check Before Calling An Air Conditioner Repair Service

22 September 2015
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If your air conditioner is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to assess the issues before you call an air conditioner repair service. Most major issues will still need to be handled by a qualified technician, but there are steps that you can take to help determine the cause of your problems. Here are a few: Check your outlet plug. If your air conditioner is not working at all, the fix could be simpler than you think. Read More 

De-Icing Your Air Conditioner Unit

9 September 2015
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The last thing you want to come home to in the middle of the hot summer is a warm house. As you step foot into your home and see that your air conditioner is not working properly, you want to find out what the cause of it not working is. In many cases, the coils on the air conditioning unit could be frozen. As your unit continues to run during the summer, condensation will build up on the coils and cause ice to accumulate. Read More 

Providing Quality Ice To Hotel Guests

19 August 2015
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If you have just become a hotel or motel owner, you are most likely in the process of setting guidelines around your establishment to make sure guests have quality in every aspect of their stay. Guests rely on having an ice machine so they can cool down food products, put cubes in drinks, or use cubes for medical reasons while they are staying at your establishment. Making sure the ice machine doesn't experience downtime is crucial to the enjoyment of their stay, as is the quality of the ice you provide. Read More 

What Are the Causes of Seasonal Allergies?

18 August 2015
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When the seasons change, so do the triggers that could affect your allergies. Some people experience more issues in the spring with new flowers and freshly-cut grass, while others have more problems in the winter due to the heater being used more often. Here are some different causes of seasonal allergies and tips for reducing your symptoms. The Different Causes of Seasonal Allergies There are different elements that cause your allergy symptoms to spike during certain seasons, which are also called allergens. Read More