Reasons Why Your Ductless AC Is Dripping Water

19 April 2019
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One problem you might encounter with your ductless air conditioner is water dripping from the indoor unit. There are a few causes for this, and it has the potential to be a serious problem since the water could damage your wall and flooring. Plus, it could cause damage to your electrical wiring or the AC itself. When you see water dripping from the AC, turn off the power and then assess the situation. Read More 

What Might Be Causing Your Furnace To Squeak And Repairs That Might Help

6 March 2019
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If your furnace is suddenly making a loud squeaking noise, you're right to be concerned. A change in the way your furnace sounds or smells could indicate trouble that needs immediate attention. If you hear squeaking when the furnace fan kicks on, the problem could be with the belt or the bearings in the blower motor. Here's a look at these furnace problems and how they're repaired. Repairing A Squeaky Belt Read More 

How To Save Money Cooling Your House In Summer

22 January 2019
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The summer months can get very hot, and unfortunately, you can't spend all your time at the pool to cool off. You want to be comfortable and cool in your house without spending an exorbitant amount of money. These tips will help you cool your house in the summer while still saving money: 1. Install an energy-efficient air conditioner. Technology is always improving, and that holds true for the air conditioner industry as well. Read More 

Reasons Why Your Home Might Not Be Cooling Properly

12 December 2018
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If you rely on your air conditioner year-round to keep your home at a cool temperature, you might wonder why you're having trouble with indoor climate control. There are a lot of factors that can affect your HVAC system's ability to cool. Sometimes, all you need is a simple fix to get your AC back on track. Here are some reasons why your air conditioner might not be working the way you want it to. Read More 

3 Advantages Of Mini-Split Air Conditioners

9 November 2018
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Mini-split air conditioners are a distinctive type of air conditioner. They are wall-mounted units that blow chilled air into the room that they are installed in without the use of ducts. They are still connected to an exterior component, unlike window air conditioners, which simply vent pull air in from the outdoors and chill it on the way. This distinctive method of operation distinguishes mini-split air conditioners from both window and central air conditioning units. Read More