Are You Considering A Ductless System? What You Should Know Before You Install

21 November 2019
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If you are considering a ductless air conditioner as an upgrade or an initial installation, there are some ideal benefits. They are more efficient and are better at maintaining proper temperatures in a house. However, a ductless system is not without its drawbacks. You should know the warning signs of potential problems of a ductless system if you are considering this unit for your home, including the following.

Wall Leaks

Ductless air conditioners use a wall-mounted air handler. This is connected through the wall. A series of lines are used for the air conditioner to function. One of the lines is a condensate line. The condensate lines move moisture away from the system and away from your home. Over time, the condensate line can start to leak. The water from the line can begin to leak and start to pool up in the wall. The leak may not be noticeable at first. However, you may start to notice some watermarks on the walls. If you see water damage near your wall-mounted air handler, you need to have your condensate lines checked.

Air Handler Malfunction

Over time, the air conditioner's air handler can malfunction. The malfunction can occur for a variety of reasons, from mechanical issues to problems with the system's wiring. Since the system is ductless, you will not notice a shift in temperature in your home. The air handler continues to work since there is a lack of ducts, but you still need to have the handler repaired for the full system to function properly.

Leaks in Refrigerant

Any type of air conditioning system can start to leak refrigerant, but a ductless system has a higher likelihood of doing so. A ductless system utilizes more refrigerant lines than a traditional system, which increases the possibility of a leak. If the air does not cool like normal, be sure to have your refrigerant levels checked. If you do discover an issue with your refrigerant, you should call for a check right away, as refrigerant is toxic and can permanently damage your system.

Broke Compressor

Similar to a traditional air conditioning system, a ductless system also uses a compressor in an outdoor unit. The compressor adds pressure to the refrigerant levels to create cold air. If the compressor does not work, you will notice that your air will not cool.

A ductless system is a great option for your home's air conditioning installation. But it is important that you are aware of the possible issues that come with them so that you can do preventative maintenance once the system is installed.

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