Reasons Why Your Ductless AC Is Dripping Water

19 April 2019
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One problem you might encounter with your ductless air conditioner is water dripping from the indoor unit. There are a few causes for this, and it has the potential to be a serious problem since the water could damage your wall and flooring. Plus, it could cause damage to your electrical wiring or the AC itself. When you see water dripping from the AC, turn off the power and then assess the situation. Here are some possible causes.

The Drain Pan Isn't Tilted

Water drains from the indoor unit on the wall to the outside through a drain line. First, water is collected in the drain pan and held there while waiting to drain. This all works by gravity, so both the line and the pan have to have a slight tilt or water will fill the pan and drip over. You might be able to adjust the AC so it has the proper slant, but if not, call a technician to adjust the air conditioner properly and stabilize it so it doesn't move out of position again. If the pan already has the correct slant but it's dripping anyway, the problem could be a damaged pan that has a hole or gap that's allowing the water to drip out.

The Drain Line Is Blocked

Sometimes, debris can get in the drain line and block water from draining out. When this happens, the line has to be cleaned out. This is a problem that can be prevented through regular maintenance service calls. Besides being blocked, the line could also be loose or damaged, so the technician will inspect the line and replace it or clean it as necessary.

The AC Is Iced Over

If the air conditioner has a problem that caused the blower to ice over, then when the ice melts, water will drip onto the floor. An icy air conditioner could be the result of low refrigerant or dirty coils. Letting the ice melt completely and then cleaning the coils might solve the problem. If the refrigerant is low, then the leak has to be found and plugged so new refrigerant can be added.

It's normal for your air conditioner to make water due to condensation, but when it's working properly, all the water drains to the outside. When the unit is dripping inside your house, that's a big problem, even if it's a small drip. You should reach out to a company like Universal Refrigeration for ductless AC repair as soon as possible so no damage is done to your air conditioner or home.