Reasons Why Your Home Might Not Be Cooling Properly

12 December 2018
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If you rely on your air conditioner year-round to keep your home at a cool temperature, you might wonder why you're having trouble with indoor climate control. There are a lot of factors that can affect your HVAC system's ability to cool. Sometimes, all you need is a simple fix to get your AC back on track. Here are some reasons why your air conditioner might not be working the way you want it to. 

1. Debris around the condenser

One of the reasons why an AC unit stops blowing cool air is because the condenser coils are built up with dirt. Your AC works by running coolant through the coils, which allows for it to produce cool air. Dirt reduces the efficiency of the coils and your unit will struggle to maintain the temperature. The machine will need cleaning before it will work properly again. Also, keep an eye out from debris. Bushes, dead leaves, and grass clippings piled up around your outdoor AC unit can also reduce its cooling effectiveness. 

2. High indoor humidity

If your home is humid, your air conditioner has to work harder to try and cool the air—wet air holds more heat, so it takes more energy to cool it. Before checking your air conditioner for signs of trouble, check to make sure your dehumidifier is working (or get a portable one that you can plug in). If you're still having trouble getting the indoor temperature down, contact an air conditioning repair company for more help. 

3. Your AC unit is not the right size for your house. 

You also might have trouble getting your house cool if your air conditioner is not the right size for your house. Sometimes, homeowners choose smaller units in hopes to save money on operating costs, but smaller air conditioners are designed for smaller spaces, and if yours is too small, your house will never cool down all the way or your AC will run all the time in an effort to match the temperature set by your thermostat, which will actually drive your energy bills up instead of down. 

4. Your condenser is leaking coolant. 

If there is no refrigerant in the coils, the condenser cannot cool the air. You might need to replace portions of the air conditioner or replace the coolant. In some cases, however, topping off the AC is just a temporary fix. Some people need a new condenser in order to permanently fix the problem.