Things You Want To Do To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

7 October 2018
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In order to make sure that you are properly prepared for winter, you will want to do all you can in order to get your furnace in the best possible shape. By doing the following things, you should not have to worry as much about your furnace breaking down in the middle of a very cold winter.

Change Out The Air Filters

You will want to make sure that there is a clean air filter in your furnace before you turn it on for the first time for the upcoming winter months. If you have a newer furnace, you might actually have a filter that is reusable. You simply have to clean it off, which can be done with a sprayer on your faucet or the outside hose and a soft bristle brush. It is vital that you are making sure that the filter is completely dry before you place it back into the furnace, even if it is going to be a few days before the furnace is turned on. If you have to replace a disposable filter, you need to make sure that you are replacing it with the exact same kind and size in order to get the most efficiency out of it. 

Turn On The Thermostat For A Few Minutes

It is a good idea to make sure that you are turning on your thermostat for a few minutes in order to make sure that the furnace is kicking on like it should. If it isn't working, you will want to double check the pilot light if you have a natural gas or propane furnace. If you have an electric furnace, you will want to see if any of the lights are at least turning on. If nothing seems to be working, you will want to go ahead and call for furnace services. A skilled HVAC technician will be able to determine why the furnace is not turning on like it is supposed to. This way, any issues that are present can be resolved before the cold weather really settles in.

Have The Chimney Inspected

If you have a natural gas or propane furnace, it is crucial for you to make sure that the chimney that it uses for ventilation is not covered with anything or has anything blocking it. If the furnace is not able to have proper ventilation, then you and your loved ones are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. This is something else that you will want to have a skilled HVAC technician look over if you are not sure about the condition of the chimney.

Make sure that you are calling for an appointment with a furnace service as soon as you realize that there is a need for it.