3 Radiant Heating Maintenance Tips To Reduce Problems And Costly Repairs

10 January 2018
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If you want to have one of the most reliable heating systems for your home, radiant heating is one of the best options. It is also a very low-maintenance heating solution, which only requires little effort to maintain.  To ensure you do not have problems with your radiant heating, simple maintenance will ensure your heating is working and reliable. Here are some radiant heating maintenance tips to help ensure you do not have problems with your heating system:

1. Seasonal Maintenance for Different Types of Boilers

The first part of maintenance for your radiant heating is preparing your boiler for winter. All types of boilers will need to be cleaned to prepare for the heating system. Different types of boilers will need preparations of fuel systems. For gas and oil boilers, you will want to have tanks filled and maintenance done before you start using your heating.  If you have an alternative energy boiler that uses biomass, there will be some unique maintenance needs that need to be done before you can start heating your home.

2. Radiator Maintenance to Ensure Your Home Is Heated

Over the winter months, your radiators eventually get air inside them. There are bleeder valves on individual radiators, which can be used to remove air. You will want to remove the air from radiators when you begin using your heating, as well as throughout the heating season. If you do not remove the air, radiators may not heat your home efficiently and this can raise your heating costs during the coldest months of the year.

3. Heating Maintenance to Prepare for The Warmer Months of The Year

Your radiant heating is also going to need a little maintenance during the warmer months of the year. First, you will want to prepare your heating for the warm summer months by turning the radiators off. Close all the valves on radiators to ensure warm energy is not circulated when you need to cool your home. In addition, you will want to make sure that radiators are clean and free of dust during the warm months to ensure that are working as they should when you need to use the heating again. In addition, make sure that the boiler is adjusted to prioritize sanitary water needs and the heating circuit is closed.

These are some radiant heating maintenance tips to help ensure your heating is reliable and rarely needs costly repairs If you need help with small maintenance and repairs, contact a plumbing and heating service to ensure your heating system is working and reliable. For more information, contact companies like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc.