Is A Window Air Conditioner A Good Idea?

27 January 2017
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As summer approaches, you may decide you want an air conditioner fast. The fastest option will almost always be a window air conditioner, but is that the right idea for your budget? Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a window air conditioner.

The Cost

If you're on a budget, it may seem like a window air conditioner is all that you can afford. Even if the purchase price is lower, it still might not be the best option for your wallet.

To start with, central air conditioners are often available on low or no interest payment plans. The down payment will often be about the same or lower than a window air conditioner.

Second, window air conditioners have poor energy efficiency. To get the same level of cooling as a central air conditioner, you will pay much more to the electric company each month.

The Lifespan

Window air conditioners also don't last as long as central air conditioners. The lifespan of a central air conditioner is measured in decades while window air conditioners last just years.

If you keep going through window air conditioners, you could end up paying much more than just installing a central air conditioner.

The Noise

Window air conditioners keep their motors right in your window. They're also typically made with relatively cheap parts and few have noise reducing features.

This means that window air conditioners will often be a nuisance at best, and it may be completely unbearable to sit in the room next to them.

By contrast, you will almost never hear a central air conditioner when you're inside. Well-made modern units with noise reducing features are even quiet enough to comfortably sit near the outside unit when you're out in your yard.

The Pollution

Window air conditioners typically cycle air from the outside. If you're out in the country, it might be nice to send out stuffy inside air and draw in country fresh outdoor air.

Most people, though, are in urban areas with high pollution. When your window air conditioner runs, this air will be pulled into your home. Even though window air conditioners have a filter, it really doesn't do much more than making sure large particles don't break the fan.

By contrast, central air conditioners circulate indoor air and have much better filters.

To learn more about your air conditioning options, contact a local HVAC contractor, like one from Aurora Pumps, today.