How To Improve Your Furnace Airflow

26 January 2017
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Even if you have a modern furnace that has great efficiency ratings, there is a good chance that it could become less effective over the years. This is usually the result of failing to service your system on a regular basis. Often, components outside of the actual furnace cabinet can affect its functionality. So, just servicing your furnace is not always enough. For instance, if you neglect to clean your ducts, your furnace can have reduced airflow. This article explains how to fix this, and other associated, problems that could be reducing the efficiency of your furnace.

Cleaning the Air Registers

In order to access and clean your air ducts, you will first need to remove the air registers. Cleaning your registers while you have them removed from the walls is also very important. Most registers can be removed from the wall by just taking out a couple of screws. If there are edges of your registers are caulked or painted over, you will need to cut it away with a razor blade. Remove all your registers at once so you can clean them together. Soaking them in your sink with hot water and dishwashing liquid is a simple way to clean them quicker and more thoroughly.

Cleaning Your Ducts

Cleaning your ducts is easy, but only if you have the right tools. If you don't own a duct cleaning brush and a telescoping pole, you will definitely want to invest in both. These are affordable and can be bought at most home improvement stores. In fact, you can often find the pole at paint stores because it is more commonly sold for use with paint rollers. The pole has a male screw on attachment that the brush will twist right onto. You will also need a ladder and flashlight to properly clean your ducts.

The best technique for cleaning your ducts is to try and brush the dust out of the ducts without pushing it further in. So, you need to guide your cleaning brush all the way to the back of the duct without rubbing along the sidewalls. Then, press down on one wall with a little pressure as you pull the brush out. Push down hard in the corners too, especially the lower ones. Do this for all sides and corners of the ducts.

Cleaning your ducts on your own is quite simple if you have these basic tools. For more information on improving your furnace's airflow, check out a company like