What Areas Of Your Home Need Routine Maintenance?

8 February 2016
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Experiencing a roofing leak, faulty air conditioner, or clogged pipes can be frustrating to deal with, as it often happens at the worst time. To prevent these types of issues, do regular inspections and maintenance of your home so you get early warning signs of problems. If you find the crack in the roofing tiles early enough, you can fix it before the next rain that might have caused a flood. Here are some areas of your home to perform regular maintenance.

Plumbing System

The first area of your home to check is your plumbing system. You can start by running water in all faucets and showers to judge the water pressure. If the pressure seems off, or there is a leak out of the faucet or fixture when running water, you know you have a loose connection somewhere. If the water runs slow down one of the drains, try to clear the clog by using a plumbing auger. When the problem is more serious, it is often due to a main sewer line, so you may need help from a plumber. If your plumbing runs on a septic system, now is a good time to have the tank pumped.


Your roof and attic may be experiencing hidden damages that you might not spot until you suddenly have a puddle of water in the home. Prevent excessive water damage by carefully heading up to the roof and inspecting it. Make sure your ladder is tall enough to let you walk directly not the roof instead of having to climb up. Look closely at all roofing materials, whether you have metal panels, shingles, or tiles. Check the flashings and vents for signs of cracks or gaps. Also check the gutter and clean it out if needed.


An area of the home that often gets overlooked is the windows. If you are experiencing a draft in the home on a cold day or your energy bill is going up, it might be due to the windows. The window seal might be failing or there could be a gap between the window and frame. Check the condition of all windows, looking for gaps, cracks, or other signs of damage. Consult a window professional if your windows are old and the sealing is starting to fail, as you may need to upgrade them.

HVAC System

Take some time to clean and maintain your HVAC system. Change or clean the air filters, clean out the vents, and make sure all the heating registers are clean and open. Run the heater and air conditioner to make sure they are working properly and reach the programmed temperature. This is a good time to have an HVAC professional clean out the ducts as well.

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