Make Your AC More Effective With Insulating Foam

11 August 2015
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Even if you have the best AC unit on the market, your home won't be energy efficient if your walls are not insulated well. One of the best ways to increase the functionality of your AC unit is to increase the insulation. You can actually increase the insulation on critical exterior walls with spray-in foam. This article will explain how to use spray-in foam insulation to make your home more efficient. It is a great way to get the most out of your air conditioning unit.

Adding Insulation to the Right Walls

First, you need to determine which walls in your home would be the best candidates for extra insulation. South facing walls obviously receive the most direct exposure to the sun. However, you might find it beneficial to add insulation to every exterior wall in your home. Foam insulation will make your home more comfortable during the summer and winter months, no matter how mild or severe the climate it. You will be much less reliant on running your heating and air conditioning units.

How to Apply the Foam

Spray-in foam insulation comes in pressurized cans with a 12" hose. You will need to create whole in the drywall and spray the foam into the wall. The hose is about 1/4" wide, so you need a drill bit that it about 1/2" wide. Drill the hole at the top of the wall so the insulation falls down. You need to drill a hole in between each stud. Most studs are spaced 16" apart. You will need a stud finder to determine and mark where the studs are. When spraying the foam, make sure that hole is sealed. The is usually an O-ring around the hose that

Patching the Holes

To patch the 1/2" holes, you just need some drywall putty. You can spread the putty into the hole with your finger. You do not even need bother with a putty knife or drywall tape. Then, you can prime and paint the patched hole once it dries.

As you can see, foam is very easy to apply, and it requires minimal construction or demolition to your walls. To retrofit you walls with fiberglass insulation, you would need to completely take the drywall off of thee studs. Spray-in foam insulation is the best way to add insulation to your home without having to destroy your walls.

You should instantly notice that your home is more energy efficient. Turn down your AC and see if your home is able to stay cool for longer. The next step might be to add insulation to your windows. 

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