Beat The Heat With These DIY Cooling Projects To Give Your AC A Break

10 August 2015
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With the hottest days coming, you may be using your AC a lot more. This can cause a lot wear on your HVAC system. The heat can lead to repairs that need to be done to your air conditioner. If you want to beat the heat, you may want cooling alternatives to reduce your AC use. Here are some DIY projects to help you beat the heat and reduce strain on your AC:

Ice Bucket AC With Simple Fan Design

You can make your own ice bucket AC using a couple of buckets, a fan and pipe. Get a large and medium sized bucket. They should fit inside each other for the heat exchange process. You will want to cut the buckets, so the smaller one fits inside the larger bucket. The inner bucket should rest on the top of the outer lid. Now, drill holes the diameter of the pipe through both buckets. Put the pipes in the holes and seal them. Mount a fan on top of the smaller bucket to blow air through the pipes. Fill the outer bucket with ice water to give the cooling effect. This can also be done using a foam cooler, and having air blow across ice water in the cooler.

Mini 12-Volt Evaporative Cooler

Another cooling system you can make is an evaporative cooler. Using corrugated plastic, make a box cube. Cut a square out of each section of the box, except for the bottom. Mount a sponge to the four sides of the box. Using rubber tape put the box together and seal the bottom really well. On the top, mount the 12-volt fan, and on the bottom fill the reservoir with water. Turn the fan on, and you have an evaporative cooler. To get better cooling effect, freeze the sponges and add ice to the water. You can use the same concept to build and evaporative cooler of any size. If you want to experiment with a solar powered cooler, 12-volt fans will work the best because they will not require a lot of electricity.  For a larger cooler, you can use an array of fans instead of one large fan. This can allow you to power the cooler with a small solar panel.

If your AC is at its limit trying to keep your home cool, try some of these DIY projects to help you beat the heat. If your AC needs maintenance and air conditioner repairs, contact an HVAC professional to keep your system working efficiently.