Three Heating Options For Your Home Using A Biomass Boiler

7 August 2015
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If you want to reduce the cost of heating your home, installing a biomass boiler can give you the heating you need. There are also many different ways to heat your home with biomass heating. You can use central HVAC, radiant heating and in floor systems for your home. If you are thinking about using biomass for your home, here are some of the different heating options for these systems:

1. Adding Central Heating With Ducts To Your Boiler

With biomass boilers, central heating is still an option. With this type of system, a hydronic heat exchanger that uses hot water will be installed.  This is a water to air system that blows air through a coil to provide heating to the ductwork in your home. Using a water to air exchanger and be good if you want to add heating to an area like a garage or shop. In many cases, these open areas will not even require the installation of ducts. These areas will just need to have the heating coil and a fan to distribute the heat.

2. Using Your Boiler For An In-Floor Heating System

In-floor heating is another option you have to heat your home with a biomass boiler. An in-floor heating system can give you many benefits, such as a more centralized heating system that heats an entire room. For this type of system, a larger boiler may be required because of the larger capacity of floor tubing.  This is an ideal solution for new homes, but may be costly to have installed in an existing home. It may also be an option to consider when doing extensive renovations and installing new floors.

3. Installing Radiators To Heat Your Home With A Boiler

Radiators will be one of the most common and affordable heating solutions for your biomass boiler. These systems use radiators in different areas of your home to provide heat. Often, there is one radiator in a room, but depending on the square feet of a room, you may need more than one. More are usually installed in large open areas such as living rooms and kitchen areas. Most average sized bedrooms will only need one radiator.

These are some of the different heating options that you can choose from using biomass heating. If you need help with installing biomass heating in your home, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with them about some of these options for your home.