Three Upgrades To Get The Most From Your AC System

5 August 2015
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You should not think of your AC unit as your cooling system. Instead, think of it as the central part of your cooling system, and then consider what upgrades you can make to your home to help you get the most from your AC unit. Proper filter maintenance, installing a house fan, and upgrading your windows with low-e film will help you to increase your AC savings. 

What to Know about Filter Maintenance

Having a regular schedule for filter maintenance may not be the best idea. There is no simple rule, like change your filter once a month. Instead, you need to consider how environmental conditions can contribute to clogging your filter. For example, if you have pets, then pet hair can clog your filter faster than a neighbor's filter who has no pets. Similarly, if you live in a new neighborhood, construction of neighboring homes can lead to higher levels of dust than you would find in well-estblished neighborhoods. Thus, you should pay attention to these and other environmental factors that can cause your filter to clog, and change your filter as needed because a dirty filter can decrease your system efficiency by up to 15%

Install a House Fan

To install a house fan, contractors will cut a hole through your ceiling to your attic, and then install the house fan in the opening. This installation method allows the house fan to vent heat out of your home. It also creates a vacuum. When the outside temperature falls in the evening, you can open your windows, and the house fan will pull in cool air even as it pushes the hot air out through your attic. A house fan can noticeably cool a 2,500-sq.-foot home in just twenty minutes and use a fraction of the electricity required to run an AC unit. Thus, using a house fan to cool your home through the evening and morning hours will help you to reduce your cooling costs. 

Upgrade Windows with Low-E Film

Low-e films protect your home by reflecting the UV rays that would otherwise stream right through your windows and heat up your home. Installing window film is much cheaper than replacing your windows and can still reduce your cooling costs by up to 23%

As you can see, there are several components that combine to make an effective cooling system. While the suggestions made above will not replace an AC unit, they will help you to get the best performance and the most savings from your existing AC system. 

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