Keeping Your Air Conditioner Bird-Free

30 July 2015
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Keeping the vents in your air conditioning unobstructed is very important in how your air conditioner works. Many times, birds will make nests on top of air conditioning units as they are tucked away from view and any possible predators. Having birds and nests on your unit can cause illness to people within the home and is dangerous for your feathered friends. Here are some ways to discourage birds from using your air conditioner as their nesting area.

Keep Your Unit under Wraps

At the end of each season, do routine maintenance on your air conditioner and wrap it completely so it is safely enclosed during colder months. Use a heavy-duty plastic wrap to keep out moisture and pests, including birds. When springtime rolls around again, your unit will be shielded from birds ready to build nests in anticipation of new babies. When summer arrives, cut the plastic off your air conditioner before putting it into use. You will be need to do only minimal cleaning before starting it up for the warm season.

Use the Power of Shine

Birds do not care for shiny objects and will do their best to stay away from them as they frighten them away. Placing anything that shimmers or sparkles around your air conditioner will help keep it safe from birds making their home on it. Loop pieces of string through compact discs and hang them from the eaves of your roof or tack them to wood siding near your air conditioning unit to keep birds from wanting to get too close. Foil objects, like pie plates, will work as well.

Take Away Amenities

If you regularly feed birds around your home, you may need to stop or move their feeding place to another side of the house, away from your air conditioning unit. Cut back any branches on trees near the unit so birds don't have a chance to scope out the area from a close proximity. Stop filling bird baths and fountains and take down bird houses until warm temperatures dwindle.

Use Netting

Bird netting is available to help keep birds from landing on your unit altogether. This material can be purchased from an air conditioning service or in your local home goods store. This material comes on a tube and is unrolled to cover the area you are trying to protect. It can also be used to cover fruit trees, garden areas, and windowsills to stop birds from ruining vegetation and your homes aesthetics. For assistance, talk to a professional like Shivani Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.