The Benefits Of Switching From Oil To Gas Heating In Your Home

29 November 2014
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For homeowners who use heating oil in their home, it may be time to switch to natural gas. There are many companies, like Conservision Energy, that are willing to help you make this conversion. There are many surprising benefits to this switch; the cost savings over time being just one of them. Consider a few other benefits here.

1. Natural gas is typically more readily available

Your neighborhood may have natural gas lines already installed, so you can purchase a gas furnace and have it connected rather readily. If not, natural gas tanks can deliver to your area typically more easily than oil tanks. Since oil is so dangerous and volatile, it may not be readily available where you live.

2. Natural gas is safer than oil for heating

Connecting to a city's gas lines for heat is safer than having a tank of heating oil or propane in your basement or in your yard. One reason for this is that an oil spill is very hard to clean completely and even a small amount of oil in your home can increase your overall risk of fire. However, if there is a gas leak in your home because of a faulty furnace, shutting off the cause of the leak and allowing the home to vent can remove it completely, keeping you safe.

3. The oil market can be very volatile

Natural gasses are not typically as valuable as oil which is considered a worldwide commodity, so the market for these is usually stable. Oil in all its forms however is always in great demand and because of this, prices can spike quickly. When demand goes up, supplies can also run low and in turn you may find that delivery of the heating oil you need becomes much more expensive. Natural gasses however typically remain at a constant price throughout a season and from one year to another.

4. Natural gasses are better for the environment

Heating oil emits fumes when you burn it for use and in turn, contribute to pollution. Natural gasses don't need to actually burn to produce heat so they don't emit noxious fumes and in turn, they are considered cleaner. This is a better choice for the environment overall and for you, as it means you won't be breathing in those fumes when you run your furnace during wintertime.

Consider these benefits and convert from heating oil to natural gasses in your home.